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Jaysika Dance institute teaches almost everything about the dancing world. Our Dance form is divided and sub divided into many levels. We teach up to 20 levels of dance with many fusions and styles. aysika Dance Training centre which is located at Rajendra Nagar, Patna is equipped with the most cutting-edge infrastructures that help you perform better and improve yourself to the best level possible. Jaysika Dance Institute is an Patna’s leading Dance Training Centre. Jaysika dance group was started in year 1999 in Patna, Bihar by a very young, energetic, laborious person Mr Vinay Rockshan. The dance group has formed many stars and popular faces in Television and Film. At Jaysika Dance Classes, we nurture the real talent which is inside you and give you the best platform to show your talent.

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Dancing, Art, and crafts, Music & musical instruments, Events & shows

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Rudauli House, Nala Road, Rajendra Nagar, Road No-1, Patna

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