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We offers: Sadar Alam Memorial Secondary School affiliated to C.B.S.E. New Delhi upto +2. The affiliation no. i


We offers: Sadar Alam Memorial Secondary School affiliated to C.B.S.E. New Delhi upto +2. The affiliation no. i

In the new circumstances of modern life where a thorough change and reform is needed, it is felt that the institutions imparting education are not up to the mark. Apart from that Biharsharif is an extremely backward and undeveloped district town where the students of the minority and backward classes utterly fail to receive good education and hence remain deprived of bright career. In keeping with such a view this institution came into existence. The main objective of the institution is to enliven the religious and lingual international spirit and to retain and cultivate, the tradition of co-education among the students. Moreover, the institution possesses its singularity in producing the students of outstanding merits.

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  1. Science Practical Labs: Our speciality is regular science practical. It is often regretted that the schools have almost stopped conducting science practical which is of course the greatest requirements to the students who will later call themselves a scientist.
  2. Computer Labs: Computer occupies an important place in the modern age of Science. Each student of our school get computer teaching as a curriculum of the institution

  3. Educational Tours: Every year we organise educational tours of different places which have Historical, Geographical & Scientific importance. All students usually take part in these tours. Special marks is awarded on the collections and display of the specimens which are collected by the students

  4. Cultural Activity: The school is renowned for its cultural activities. Every year cultural programmes viz, drama, one act play, songs & dance programs are organized in the school. All national programs such as Independence Day, Republic Day, Teachers Day, Children's Day etc. are organised in large scale

  5. Discipline: Unity and discipline of which the school boasts of, is observed strictly. A severe penalty may be imposed on the student breaking the school discipline. What more the school will try its level best, to help the students to be disciplined not only in action but also in thought. To maintain discipline a separate code of conduct is also signed by the guardian and student

  6. School Hostel: The school provides hostel to its students in a very spacious place and organized manner. The hostel facility is provided by separate agency which is approved by school administration. The hostel charges will be given by students to the agency directly.


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